My Current Obsession: Game Development

I’m still eagerly awaiting my first comic book shipment. My first comics were added to my shipment today! Still, it’s not going to be shipped until the 14th of April. I have to do something to keep myself from checking atomic empire’s site every 10 minutes. I’m not sure how my interest got peaked thisContinue reading “My Current Obsession: Game Development”

My Current Obsession: Comic Books

So, I’m not sure what triggered this one. Just, one day last week I started looking for comic book subscriptions. That night I asked my wife if there were any comics she would want. She listed a couple and I was off. I created an account at and started adding stuff for subscriptions. BeforeContinue reading “My Current Obsession: Comic Books”

Looks like I have to learn Eagle too

My first version of the cyberdeck will probably be a chunky mess of different parts and boards inside. But I’d like to start making my own boards eventually to make things cleaner and take up less space inside the deck. From the looks of it, this would also allow me to trade my time forContinue reading “Looks like I have to learn Eagle too”

Trying to convince my wife I’ll stick with this one

So, one of the challenges I have with my interests is my own interest in learning so many things. I.E. I jump from interest to interest without much followup. Part of this has been because of how excited about ideas while I’m in a hypomanic/manic phase. Well, maybe a lot of it has to doContinue reading “Trying to convince my wife I’ll stick with this one”