A 4+ month late Christmas present

As I mentioned in my last post (way back) I decided to make an electric guitar for my wife. For a ton of reasons, it’s taken me much, much longer to finish than I expected, and it’s taken way longer than it should have. But I am now approaching the end, and wanted to startContinue reading “A 4+ month late Christmas present”

My Current Obsession: Game Development

I’m still eagerly awaiting my first comic book shipment. My first comics were added to my shipment today! Still, it’s not going to be shipped until the 14th of April. I have to do something to keep myself from checking atomic empire’s site every 10 minutes. I’m not sure how my interest got peaked thisContinue reading “My Current Obsession: Game Development”

My Current Obsession: Comic Books

So, I’m not sure what triggered this one. Just, one day last week I started looking for comic book subscriptions. That night I asked my wife if there were any comics she would want. She listed a couple and I was off. I created an account at atomicempire.com and started adding stuff for subscriptions. BeforeContinue reading “My Current Obsession: Comic Books”