My Current Obsession: Game Development

I’m still eagerly awaiting my first comic book shipment. My first comics were added to my shipment today! Still, it’s not going to be shipped until the 14th of April. I have to do something to keep myself from checking atomic empire’s site every 10 minutes.

I’m not sure how my interest got peaked this time. Perhaps I was looking at Steam? Or I was just looking through my installed apps on my Mac for something to distract me and saw the Epic Game launcher which also performs as the Unreal Engine launcher. Whatever the way, I decided to install the latest Unreal Engine (4.26.1) and began looking through the market place for plugins.

In all I have ended up with 27 free plugins that I felt I could use, and another 31 paid plugins on my wishlist that I really feel I could use. I’ve also downloaded and installed Blender and Daz 3D.

Funny side story. I used to work at a software company that developed retail software. As in, Point of Sale (cash register), inventory management and ordering, scheduling, etc. In the same building was a small, one office company called Daz 3D. I had no idea what they did, but when I’d go out to smoke, their lead QA would sometimes be out there too. It took me over a year to ask what they do, and he told me that that they had replaced Poser and now manage sofware for character design and whatnot. He worked on the online warketplace. When I’d played with Poser in the past it seemed like an expensive toy. I asked him what people use it for and his anwer was, “people animate characters for games and CG. But mostly it’s used for porn.”

So, I kinda felt naughty downloading Daz 3D, but I figured I could look into using it for character animation.

Last night I spent about 3 hours trying to remember how to use blender, though I was never really good. I think I may have to start off with goofy looking characters to start with.

Now I just have to get to it. Finally an obsession I don’t need to buy stuff or wait on. If I ever get something done, I’ll post a link on this site.

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