My Current Obsession: Building a Cyberdeck

When it comes to learning new things, my interests never come as healthy curiosity. I Obsess over whatever it is that popped into my head. Right now, and for the past month or so I’ve been obsessed with learning how to build my own custom built cyberdeck.

For the unitiated, a cyberdeck is a computer that hackers in cyberpunk worlds based on William Gibson’s worlds use. Traditionally that were pretty big and full of features, ports, and radio circuitry for traversing cyberspace and hacking computer systems. As time has progressed and technology has advanced (and we’ve reached the years that some of these cyberpunk futures take place in), cyberdecks have shrunk and basically become iPads and cell phones. I’ve even named my iPhone, “Ye Olde Cyberdeck.”

But that’s not what I want my cyberdeck to be. I want a DIY style modern retro computer that I build completely myself. Problem is, I have no experience in electronics design. But as with my past interests/obsessions, I won’t let that stop me.

I’m simultaniously trying to identify the skills and tools I need to put the project together, identify the features I want included and how much I need to learn about them, find sources for the parts I need, settle on a style and layout that will make using my cyberdeck enjoyable and not a pain in the butt just to say I have one.

Featurewise there are some obvious needs, some kind of computer, an operating system, input from the user, and output to the user. I’d also like wifi and more. Below are a list of some of uses I’ve considered.

  1. Wardriving, and wifi hacking, ip and packet sniffing
  2. Wifi spoofing
  3. Ethernet communication interception
  4. IR signal copy and repeat
  5. RFID read, write, & copy
  6. Usb communication interception
  7. Police scanner
  8. Camera, 3d Camera, IR camera
  9. NFC
  10. VR hub
  11. Cellular & 5g hacking (is this even a thing?) (SIM copy, write?)
  12. Satcom
  13. OBD2 reader/programmer

And I’ve had other ideas, that flitter in and out of my mind so that I can’t remember them right now.

Now, I know this all sounds very malicious, and I agree it could be. But I’m curious and just finding out if I can do these things is reward enough. There isn’t anyone I’m looking to hurt with these capabilities.

And to be honest, it is more likely that I kill myself with a charged capacitor than there is of me getting 1/3 of the above working. I’m smart, but not that smart.

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