Trying to convince my wife I’ll stick with this one

So, one of the challenges I have with my interests is my own interest in learning so many things. I.E. I jump from interest to interest without much followup. Part of this has been because of how excited about ideas while I’m in a hypomanic/manic phase. Well, maybe a lot of it has to do with this.

Another part is the time from interest to opportunity. When I become interested in learning a new skill, cost usually keeps me from jumping into it with both feet. For example, with building my cyberdeck I am unable to gather the tools I need to experiment and learn hands on. I almost almost get my first few tools for an intrest about the time I drop into a depression and they go unused for a long time.

I’m hoping this time is different.

I’m on medication now, and maybe that will help me stay interested through the ups and downs. Now I just have to convince my wife I’m not just going though a passing phase. I’ve already gone past the point of driving her nuts with my excited evangelism for all the things I want to do. I’ve spent hours each night making wishlist after wishlist, reorganizing, resorting, and revising them. I’ve sacrificed my normal game time to take Udemy courses on electronics, circuit design, and how to set up a workbench.

But I have a long history of jumping from interest to interest to overcome. I don’t have a history of making good decisions with money either, so I have to convince her.

What do you think? What would you do next to convince someone you had a serious interest in a hobby that was going to cost money to get started in?

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